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September 2022

In honor of Rev. Richard K. Toll: Founding Executive Director, Friends of Sabeel North America

Other speakers…
• Rev. Naim Ateek: Founder, Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, Jerusalem, POT
• Mark Braverman, PhD: Executive Director, Kairos U.S.A
• Ranna Harb: Co-Founder, Falastiniyat, a Palestinian grassroots collective
• Jonathan Kuttab: Executive Director, Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA)
• Alice Rothchild, MD: Jewish writer and social activist for peace
• Rev. Don Wagner: former National Program Director, Friends of Sabeel North America

It is a long program, so best to note that the words of Rev Naim Ateek, and Jonathan Kuttab are particularly powerful. Alice Rothchild speaks at about 1:33 and there is a Q&A for most of the remainder of the recording. 

May 2022

New Path to Peace Conference, dedicated to addressing the topic of a one-state solution for Israel/Palestine, to end the current apartheid stranglehold on the Palestinian people, their fundamental human security, their economic development, and their survival.

The Case for One State: Why a Two-State Solution is no longer a viable option  
Speakers: Panel 1, Alice Rothchild; Panel 2, Gideon Levy; Panel 3, Iymen Chehade

Panel 2:
Panel 3:

May 2022

Reflections on Jerusalem A Century of Lost Opportunities: Join me in a personal exploration of the ancient city of Jerusalem, with a special focus on East Jerusalem and the surrounding areas of Greater Jerusalem, which have experienced decades of “Judaization” and erasure of the Palestinian presence. What are the costs of these policies, not only to Palestinians, but also to Jewish Israelis who are claiming the city as their own? How is this a mirror of the ongoing occupation of Palestine? What can we learn and what can we do?
Please note: Unfortunately, due to an error in the Zoom setting when my presentation was being recorded, the talk was taped in Zoom “gallery” view rather than “speaker” view.

April 2022

On April 9, 2022 the Palestine Museum US hosted a screening of my documentary film, Voices Across the Divide (also available on vimeo). Please listen to the post film talk back and conversation.

August 2021

Presentation at SCAPHA, the Socialist Caucus of the American Public Health Association: Israel/Palestine: Examining Healthcare Under Occupation: Ethical & Medical Realities 

August 2021

Earthwise – radio program from New Zealand “Alice Rothchild – retired American obstetrician-gynecologist, social activist,member of Jewish Voice for Peace. Israel has used precision bombing to conduct a Super Spreader Assault on Gaza in the time of Covid.”

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August 2021

A deep dive into Jewish Voice for Peace
An update on JVP and recent developments in Israel/Palestine.
Join JVP’s Organizing Director, Lisbeth Melendez Rivera and Alice Rothchild of the JVP Health Advisory Council.
Sponsored by United Methodists Kairos Response and Methodists Federation for Social Action.

June 2021

Examining The Founding Mythology of Israel.
Democratic Perspective welcomes Alice Rothchild back to the show to discuss the recent conflict between Israel and Palestinians. Rothchild is a physician, author, activist and filmmaker who has long served as a volunteer in Gaza and the West Bank. She provides an in-depth look at the plight of Palestinians and the lead-up to the most recent conflict.

May 2021

The Palestinian Conflict: An Intersection of Racial Inequality and Colonialism in Modern Times
speakers: Alice Rothchild, MD
Salah Hassan MD
Mathew Beshara MD
Tarek Abou Ghazala MD
moderator: Alyssa Abdelnour, medical student, Michigan State University

January 2021

A Conversation with Alice Rothchild on We Are Not Numbers

December 2020

Join me as I moderate the Jewish Voice for Peace Health Advisory Council Webinar with Osama Tanous, a pediatrician based in Haifa, member of Al-Shabaka Policy Network, now doing a Fulbright at Emory University, with an interest in structural violence and health disparities. The webinar is titled: Israeli State Violence and the Public Health Implications for Palestinian Citizens of Israel

January 2020

I had a wide ranging discussion with Cameron Cowan on his podcast The Cameron Journal Podcast re: Israel/Palestine and the US political and Jewish community. Please listen and share….

Archive of audio & video

December 2019
Washington DC’s WPFW radio interview: A discussion of Trump’s executive order regarding antisemitism on college campuses and my ongoing discussion of Zionism; with Alice Rothchild.

December 2019
Latest interview and podcast with Alice, on, a discussion of Israel’s origin story and the relationship between Zionism and antisemitism.

May 2019
Health Advisory Council Reportback from the West Bank and Jordan

April 2019
A Jewish American’s Journey, Dr. Alice Rothchild, 4.28.19

January 2019
Dr. Alice Rothchild on health and women’s issues in Gaza after Cast Lead
Just World Podcasts 1-14-2019

November 2018
Alice Rothchild on Israel’s New Nation State Law
This Week In Palestine 11-04-2018

October 2018
A Jewish American’s Journey: Heartbreak and Hope in Israel/Palestine
at Harvard Unitarian Universalist Church, October 21, 2018

October 2018
Homily at Theodore Parker Church, Unitarian Universalist
Choosing New Sanctury
Dr. Rothchild’s life and political choices have challenged the relationships of her early support, requiring her to find kinship and sanctuary in new environments. She’ll share with us the experiences that have resulted from the decision to follow her heart.

June 2018
Alice Rothchild interviewed by Estee Chandler (Producer / Host)
Middle East in Focus, KPFK 90.7 FM

September 2017
Anti BDS Legislation, talk with Asima Silva
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August 2017
Interview with EnjoinGood, events at the Al Aqsa Compound in East Jerusalem
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March 2017
Alice Rothchild Interview, KPFK 90.7FM, Michael Slate Show — Condition Critical: Life and Death in Palestine/Israel
audio.pngListen on

February 2017
Alice Rothchild Interview — Podcast February 13, 2017
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February 2017

February 2017
Q & A CONDITION CRITICAL: Allice Rothchild

February 2017
CHILD CRIMINALS: Military Restores Control

August 2016
A Personal Journey: Facing Historical and Ethical Challenges in Israel/Palestine

August 2016
Aleppo Siege, A Protest, A Victory, A Martyrdom – The Struggle
Alice Rothchild interview at 9min 35sec

May 2016
Finding Me In Medicine Again is an online show (podcast) for early career women physicians who are exhausted or frustrated with the many challenges of practicing medicine without forfeiting the people and values they care about.

In this show the host, Nance Goldstein, talks with seasoned women doctors, including Alice Rothchild.
audio.png Listen on iTunes, Episode 3

April 2015
Alice Rothchild spoke on a panel in Washington DC, organized by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and the Institute for Research: Middle East Policies. Watch the video and you can find her at Minute 27:28, talking about Silencing of Voices.

January 2015
World Issues Forum at Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies, Western Washington University (WWU)

December 2014
“Stir It Up” radio program with Angela Price
KFCF, 88.1 (which is affiliated with KPFA in Berkeley)
Following the Fresno Center for Nonviolence screening

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November 2014
Panel with Gaza journalist Samer Badawi, psychology researcher Brian Barber, and Alice Rothchild at the progressive think tank, New American Foundation, in DC.

September 2014
Interview, Dr. Alice Rothchild, USM Portland ME

April 2014
WGBH Forum Network
Framing Military Occupation: Close-Ups of Daily Life in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

April 2014
The Arabic Hour Interviews Dr. Alice Rothchild

NEW . March 2014
Richard Sentner’s “Talking Together” program
Alice Rothchild and a Just Peace in Palestine

NEW . Interview . February 2014
The Struggle 2/24/14, New Haven Connecticut

Interview . June 25, 2011
Arabic Hour,
view the VIDEO

Interview . May 2011
Israeli settlement project recipe for disaster”
on, Russian Television
view the VIDEO

Audio Clips

audio.png WERU Special: Palestine/Israel 5/22/12
Interview with Alice Rothchild on 89.9 FM WERU

audio.png This Week in Palestine, 6-19-2011 (13 min into the broadcast)
Interview with Alice Rothchild on Hummus Boycott (June 19, 2011)

Talk Nation Radio for July 30, 2009
Dr. Alice Rothchild: The struggle for truth about Israel and Palestine

Physician, Author, co chair of American Jews for a Just Peace – Boston, on the painful reality of US and Israeli policies and their impact on Palestinians.

Produced by Dori Smith
audio.png Part 1 of 2
Play or download at or and
audio.png Part 2 of 2
Play or download at or and

audio.png Worldview . Chicago Public Radio
Interview, January 12, 2009

audio.png Thresholds KPFT FM
Interview, November 13, 2008

audio.png KPFT Pacifica Radio
5 part series – Produced by Seema Jilani
part 1 minibullet.gif part 2 minibullet.gif part 3 minibullet.gif part 4 minibullet.gif part 5

60 Years in Palestine: Celebration or Dismay?

Host: Janaan Hashim

audio.png The New Pro Israel/ Pro Peace Lobby J-Street
Naji Ali, producer and host of Crossing The Line:

Life in Occupied Palestine (

audio.png Pacifica WBAI NY radio 99.5 fm
Hugh Hamilton, Talk Back, interview

audio.png KGIL 1260/540 AM – LA’s News Talk
Michael Jackson from KGIL Interviews Dr. Alice Rothchild

audio.png WPKN 89.5 Bridgeport and WPKM 88.7 Montauk
Hazel Kahan Interviews Dr. Alice Rothchild

audio.png Midday Metro KCPW with Lara Jones
August 24, 2007

audio.png Radioactive KRCL, Radio Free Utah, with Azadeh Saljooghi
August 23, 2007 (coming soon)

audio.png This Week in Palestine Interview on 5/20/07
Produced by Sherif Fam, WZBC 90.3FM Boston

audio.png This Week in Palestine Interview on 3/5/06
Produced by Sherif Fam
Truth and Justice Radio, WZBC 90.3FM Boston

audio.png KBCS Interview 4/26/07
KBCS reporter Peggy Wolf sits down with Alice Rothchild to talk about her new book.
Produced by KBCS FM, One World Report


Older video clips

view the VIDEO
May 2011
Interview: “Israeli settlement project recipe for disaster”

view the VIDEO
April 2010
“Palestinian Hardship”
Moral Politics

Awakening to Israel
Interview “Awakening to Israel”

Broken Promises, Broken Dreams
May 2, 2007
Friends Center in Seattle, Washington.

Interview – “The Arabic Hour”
Interview about the book, produced at Brandeis University
courtesy of

The Public Framing of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

minibullet.gif 04/28/2007 segment

minibullet.gif 04/21/2007 segment

produced at Brandeis University
courtesy of

From the “Health and Human Rights Project” series.

Produced by Howard Lenow and Guy DeFeis

Ruhama Marton interview at her home 2004
From the “Health and Human Rights Project” series
produced by Howard Lenow and Guy DeFeis

Eli Picard MD – interview
Shaare Zedek Medical Center 2004
From the “Health and Human Rights Project” series
produced by Howard Lenow and Guy DeFeis

Iraq Borin
Working with Palestinian Medical Relief Society 2004
From the “Health and Human Rights Project” series
produced by Howard Lenow and Guy DeFeis

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