On the Brink

On the Brink: Israel and Palestine on the Eve of the 2014 Gaza Invasion
By Alice Rothchild

Book cover, "On the Brink"

Available in soft cover and ebook from Just World Books.

On the Brink is a compelling collection of blog posts made during a fact-finding and solidarity visit to the West Bank and Israel encompassing the last three weeks of June 2014.

Physician, author, filmmaker, and longtime activist Alice Rothchild turns her powers of careful observation and her deep understanding of the consequences of racism and occupation into a lively, honest, heart breaking, collection of reports from the field. She documents the stories and lives that do not make the evening news, but are essential to understanding the context in which that news occurs. In 2014, Just World Books published her book: On the Brink: Israel and Palestine on the Eve of the 2014 Gaza Invasion.

ISBN (pb.) 978-1-935982-44-9
ISBN (e.) 978-1-935982-46-3

Find out more about this important new book at: www.justworldbooks.com

Check It Out: Alice Rothchild’s On the Brink
by Alan Goodman, September 1, 2014, Revolution Newspaper, revcom.us

Book reading and discussion
at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC)
isbcc.org (click On the Brink)

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