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Section One: Jewish Voices from Israel and the Diaspora

1. My Own Story: Family Secrets

2. Dr. Ruchama Marton: An Allergy to Lies

3. Gila Svirsky: Liberating Israel

4. Listening to the Israeli Street: We are Surrounded by Enemies

5. Returning to Jerusalem: The Taxi Driver and the Rabbi

Section Two: Palestinian Trauma, Resilience and Resistance

6. Checkpoints: Crossing the Line

7. Visiting the Mythaloon Maternity Home: Like Women Everywhere

8. A Day in Nablus with Dr. Allam Jarrar: We Will Have Just Fun!

9. Restrictions on Access to Health Care: We are Not Animals

10. A Visit to Gaza: Working in a War Zone

11. Visiting Rafah: Just the Bad Face

Section Three: The Implications of Knowing: Complicity and Dissent

12. Finding the Voice for a Just Peace: Seeing the Human Face



Brief Time Line

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