Symposium: Reframing the conversation

Symposium Reframing the Conversation: How can we have and sustain difficult conversations?

a pre-performance conversation with Abby Yanow and Alice Rothchild

The Fever Chart – Three Visions of the Middle East

By Naomi Wallace

Presented by Underground Railway Theater

Nov. 18-Dec. 19, 2010

Central Square Theater

450 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, MA  02139

To reserve tickets, visit, call 866.811.4111 (anytime) or 617-576-9278 x210 (T-F, 10:00am-3:00pm).

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In The Fever Chart, three dream plays are inspired by true events:  an Israeli soldier encounters a mysterious Palestinian woman in the Rafah Zoo; a Palestinian father reveals to a young Israeli woman their shared history; and a bookish Iraqi bird collector tells of his conscription into Saddam’s army.  Through magic realism and surprising humor, Underground Railway Theater’s production reaches out like prophecy, challenging us to envision peace during the holiday season.

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