Unmasking Racism

Co-sponsored by MassOccupy-Brookline

Racism, prejudice, ethnocentricity—however you label it—is one of the oldest and possibly most destructive of human failings. Many of us recognize it if it is dressed in white robes and burning crosses, or brown shirts and swastikas. But, we also need to know the disguises behind which it hides, like everyday business suits, and white shirts and ties, or lovely print dresses and pumps. Nowadays, bigotry often comes in the deceptive facades of politeness, reasonableness and righteousness, among others. On this evening, we will touch upon two key centralities of racism as they manifest in any social environment. The first are what the speakers label as exclusions, while the second are “special privileges” based on ethnicity. We’ll hear from Arthur Conquest, an activist and writer who knows Brookline’s covert maltreatment of its Black citizens close up and in detail; and Alice Rothchild, M.D., writer, and filmmaker, who can speak in-depth and intimately about the realities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There will be ample time for questions and answers, and we’ll conclude the evening with a summary of the subject by Abram Chipman, the moderator.

location: Brookline High School, 115 Greenough St, Brookline, Mass

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